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wine with salmon

Wine with salmon: best food pairing ideas

Defying the Classic – Salmon and Rosé Wine

“You piss me off you Salmon…you’re too expensive in restaurants!” Eddie Izzard

Salmon with Rosé wine is one of the stable classics, that just works…but salmon is such a versatile fish that can be paired with so many wines; Riesling, Bacchus, Chardonnay, Sparkling Wine, Rosé and even Pinot Noir. Below we will give you some insights regarding wine with salmon pairing and my favourite recipes…

Best wines for salmon: our suggestions

The classic dish is poached fillet, on buttery new potatoes with Hollandaise sauce…all which pair perfectly well with Chardonnay. The buttery-creaminess of the potatoes and sauce go so well with the roundness a good chardonnay brings. Our Stanlake Park Kings Fumé would go perfectly.
Wine with salmon idea  – Poached Salmon, Potatoes & Hollandaise

Rieslings booming citrus flavours and vibrant acidity makes great pairings with South East Asian food…and goes wonderfully with Thai Salmon Fishcakes. It stands up to perfectly compliment the flavours of coriander and ginger. As an alternative, our Stanlake Park Hinton Grove provides a fruity off-dry option…this Gewürztraminer-blend is easy to drink, whilst being full of character. This pairs perfectly with Asian food and fish dishes.
Food pairing idea – Thai Salmon Fishcakes

Salmon with an herby sauce such as dill, can require a wine that is more herbaceous and refreshing. An Italian Vermentino would go really well, as would a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire which would pick up on the aniseed flavour from dill. An alternative would be an English Bacchus, and I would highly recommend the Stanlake Park Bacchus with this recipe.
Food pairing idea – Salmon Parcel in Dill Sauce

Sparkling Wine
What better way to start your day than scrambled egg & salmon, and while it may be too early for some…Sparkling Wine with salmon made this way is perfect. This is how we start our start our Christmas Day…like we needed more of an excuse! I highly recommend our Stanlake Park Brut  or Rosé Superior English Sparkling Wine.
Wine with salmon idea – Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon

Pinot Noir
While Salmon is typically seen as a delicate fish, it can also emerge as a muscular, meaty fish when barbequed or grilled which a Pinot Noir compliments well without overpowering that flavour. Alternative choices could be a German Spätburgunder (German for Pinot Noir), a light (low ABV) South African Syrah, Gamay (Beaujolais grape) or a Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley…the latter being my favourite! Why not try our Stanlake Park Pinot Noir with below suggestion.
Red wine with salmon idea – Crispy BBQ Side of Salmon

We hope this has provided you with some inspiration for some alternatives for the best wines with salmon, all which are perfect coming up to summer time and (hopefully) warmer weather…he says looking at the snow falling in April. We cannot wait to see you soon at our Wine Tours which you can book on this website.

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