Wine TastingWine Tasting in Berkshire: options and places to visit

Wine Tasting in Berkshire: options and places to visit

Wine Tasting in Berkshire and at home – some ideas

As a wine lover, one of my favourite activities is wine tasting. Exploring everything from the flavours and aromas, to the acidity, tannins and sweetness is an enriching adventure, where you can access the full offering of a wine’s nuances and compare it to others. In this blog we will look at some options and places for a wine tasting in Berkshire, and then check out other ways that you can get slurping.

Your Wine Tasting Options

If you are anything like me you will relish trying new wines in bars, cafes or restaurants that offer tasting experiences. There is nothing like the chance to browse a wall of bottles, a detailed wine list, or have a meal paired especially with a beautiful selection.

Wine aficionados rejoice! There are a multitude of places all over the country that offer different options. Specifically in Berkshire, many companies provide various wine tasting experiences.

One of our favourites is the Tasting House in Reading, where you can find a selection of wines from all over the world, available by the glass or by the bottle – and some of the best Stanlake Park wines, too!

Another ones to try locally are the Old Butcher’s Wine Cellar in Cookham, Veeno in Reading and the Fifty Six Bar in Wokingham.

Wine Tasting at Home

If you prefer the comfort of your own home, fear not! You won’t be short of options. An almost endless array of wine is available to you. What’s more, if you wish to taste like the professionals, you can add to the experience by buying specific tasting glasses, spittoons and other sampling apparatus.

At Stanlake Park we also have creative ideas for a Wine Tasting at Home.

Tasting During COVID

Recently, another possibility has poked its head up: online wine tastings. This phenomenon seems to have come about during the lockdown period and long may it continue! It is such an easy and safe way to sample wines, again from your own home, but also with (online) others!

Vineyards in Berkshire

Finally, do not forget to visit and support vineyards both far and wide. You can taste their wines and learn about them in their birthplace. Not only this, vineyards often boast marvellous views and scenery, which will only add to the epicurean pleasure.

For those who have not visited us, Stanlake Park runs tours of the vineyard and winery, and tastings of our wines (with measures to ensure the safety of our guests during COVID).

Wine Tasting in Berkshire

So there’s no excuse! With a range of wine tasting options available to us, from Berkshire’s finest, DIY sessions, online oenology, to Vineyard visits, we can really expand our horizons. I encourage you all to try wines from far and wide, and make new discoveries. Keep Tasting!

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