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Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine gifts for Christmas, a guide

The perennial problem of what to buy for wine lovers

The perfect gift for wine lovers is obviously wine!  However, if you want to put a little more thought into your present buying there are lots of wine accessories that are really useful . . . and some that are not. Have a look at some ideas of wine gifts for Christmas below.

Drinking wine at the right temperature

One of the most important areas of wine tasting and drinking is ensuring the wine is at the correct temperature. In fact, we often drink our wine too warm or too cold.  Drinking wine at the correct temperature is key to enjoying the full flavour and character of the wine. If you are unsure of the correct temperature, an ideal gift is the Barcraft Bottle Thermometer which not only tells you the temperature of the wine but also the ideal temperature for the style of wine.  This is a great gift and at only £5 from Amazon it makes a great stocking filler.

To keep wine chilled, what better than one of Stanlake Park’s ice buckets?

Wine stoppers, openers and pourers

Keeping opened wine fresh is also important, especially if a difficult relative only wants a single glass of your wine and you want to keep the remainder fresh for a few days.  Wine stoppers come in all shapes and sizes and make great stocking fillers. They can often be personalised with initials or interesting motifs.

For sparkling wine, the stainless-steel air-tight wine stoppers will keep those bubbles intact for a few more days. We stock them in the Stanlake Park shop, and they make great souvenirs too, especially with the branded Stanlake Park logo at the top.

champagne opener

The “claw” is Stanlake’s team favourite gadget

In the Stanlake Park Wine Bar, we open lots of sparkling wine and most of the time it’s a quick and easy process, but occasionally the corks (all inserted by hand) do not want to budge.  We then rely on our stainless steel ‘claws’ which fit perfectly into the grooves on the cork and with a few twists the bottle is opened. These really are a godsend and one of the best wine gifts for Christmas, especially when you have lots of bottles to open and make an ideal stocking filler as prices on Amazon start at £4.99.

To open bottles of still wine, nothing beats the so-called “waiter’s friend” corkscrew. As the name suggests, this professional corkscrew allows you to open bottles safely and quickly –  and trust me, at Stanlake Park we know something about opening many bottles of wine. Our corkscrew comes in black with our logo in golden foil, a very elegant gift for a wine passionate.

Wine pourers also come in many shapes and sizes (and prices), perfect for when you don’t want to spill drops of red wine on your relatives’ new cream coloured coat on Christmas day.  They make great wine gifts but if you are pouring wine yourself, look no further than circular foils which fold in the top of the bottle and are incredibly cheap and just as effective as an expensive pourer. Better to be safe than sorry!

Hampers, Wine & Vouchers

There are lots more accessories and gifts for wine lovers at various price levels but if you’re gifting to that special someone then there is nothing better than a bottle (or case) of English Sparkling Wine. Bottles can be gift wrapped or choose one of the many gift options available, such as jute bags, special festive bags or wooden boxes. We’re launching loads of special offers in the run up to Xmas with 20% discount by the case, so you might keep an eye on our website.

Gift Hampers

Explore our range of Christmas Hampers, or visit our Cellar Shop to create your bespoke hamper.

Hampers are also available in branded wooden boxes, tote bags and wicker baskets which can include wine, food and often both. We deliver everywhere in mainland UK, and you can add a personalised card with no extra cost.

If you’re really struggling with gift ideas, then vouchers and gift cards may well be the ideal gift with a variety of options. Our range include the very popular wine tours and wine bar experiences, but also discounts on theatre shows, restaurant offers, distillery tours or wine and golf experiences.  They’re available both in digital and printed version, and we can post them on your behalf.

Another fantastic gift for wine lovers, and a very sustainable one, is our recycled wine candles. These scented soy candles are fitted in a recycled Stanlake Park wine bottle, and made by A Late Night Tale, a small artisan based in Twyford – just around the corner from our winery. Not into candles? We also have them as simple multi-purposed vases.

Still looking for more Christmas gifts for wine lovers? Just see what’s available at our Gift Shop by clicking on the button below:

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