EventsWine events during lockdown
wine events in lockdown

Wine events during lockdown

What are the options to join wine events these days?

For now, wine events might be farthest from your thoughts. But if you are anything like me, you will have craved the opportunity to taste and discuss new wines with your fellow wine lovers. Even the simple pleasures of a chilled white wine, or a more robust red with friends seem a thing of the past. Lately, I have been dreaming in vain of my next wine festival or social wine occasion, but so far of course, to no avail. Still, perhaps we can help…

Online Wine Tastings, the new way of connecting

There are two events that we particularly wish to mention first of all, and don’t worry, there’s no need to even leave your armchair. The first of the two has been organised by WineGB. In our case, this will be the #EnglishWineNight with @winetimelondon and other top English vineyards on Instagram.

On Friday 5th June, we at Stanlake will be given the opportunity to discuss our new range and our projects in more detail. If this sounds interesting, then check out WineGB for instructions. You’ll have the chance to find out all about our plans, our wines, lots more insider knowledge, and to hear from the brains behind Stanlake’s delicious offerings!

Still not enough? No problem! Next up on June 25th, will be a webinar with Soma Jennings from @princessandthepinot, and a familiar name: Benedict Butterworth. For our blog readers you may recognise Benedict as our label designer. We hope that you loved the fresh and unique designs that he created as much as we did, so if you want to hear more from the man behind the art then please join us!

Not only this, you can check out one of our earlier blogs which will give you all the detail on the designs and how Benedict came to be such a pivotal part of the project. Further instructions on how you can attend will follow.

Wine events: don’t miss our Instagram giveaways 

In the wine line for us, is Tom @thegoodwinecru. We will take the opportunity to talk about our Pinot Noir Rosé and one lucky person could come away with a Magnum on us in our give-away. If you want to give yourself a workout pouring one of these then keep following us so you don’t miss out!

We hope to have more wine events like these lined up for you in the future, and would also love to hear your thoughts. So if there’s anything you want us to discuss, or any wine tasting suggestions for topics that might interest you, then let us know! All the details for contacting us are on our website – or you can just leave a comment below. 

Hopefully, these will go some way to satisfying you all. We want to be able to see everyone soon, so don’t forget to keep updated for when our wine events restart. In particular, we would love to see you for our Vineyard Tours and Wine Tastings, and for those who know a good food and wine pairing when they see (or I suppose taste) one, there will be our exclusive Italian Food and English Wine Evenings in our Wine Bar. What could be better? When these events return, we would love to have you there.

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