Wine Bar Menu

Our Wine List

All our wines are vegan-friendly and available by the glass or bottle

White Wine

125ml £5.5 | 175ml £6.50 | Bottle £18

Refreshing and zesty; flavours of lime, fresh peach and hints of herbs

125ml £5.5 | 175ml £6.5 | Bottle £18

Floral and smooth, with hints of chamomile, citrus and melon

125ml £6 | 175ml £7 | Bottle £21

Refreshing, flavours of elderflower, gooseberry and grapefruit

King’s Fumé
125ml £7 | 175ml £8 | Bottle £28

Elegant, rich, flavours of apricot, vanilla, orange peel and toast

125ml £6.5 | 175ml £7.5 | Bottle £23

Floral, orange zest, ripe peach, great texture and length

Rosé Wine

Pinot Noir Rosé
125ml £6 | 175ml £7 | Bottle £20

Dry, refreshing, delicate notes of raspberry and pink grapefruit

Red Wine

Pinot Noir
125ml £7 | 175ml £8 | Bottle £30

Elegant, refreshing, violet, red cherry, plum

Cricket Grove
125ml £6.5 | 175ml £7.5 | Bottle £24

Smooth, black cherry and spices, long finish

The Reserve
125ml £6 | 175ml £7 | Bottle £20

Smooth, fruity, flavours of red cherry and plum

Sparkling Wine

Stanlake Brut
Glass £7.5 | Bottle £36

Complex, elegant, ripe apple, citrus and bread dough

Rosé Superior
Glass £7.5 | Bottle £36

Dry, elegant, delicate notes of creamy strawberry and roses

Heritage Brut
Glass £7 | Bottle £32

Refreshing, lemon, ripe pear, toast

Bacchus Brut
Glass £6.5 | Bottle £30

Refreshing, elderflower, lime and mineral notes

Hinton Brut
Glass £6.5 | Bottle £30

Slightly sparkling, smooth, ripe citrus, white flowers

Italian Wine

Made using grapes from our winemaker's family vineyard in Puglia.
125ml £6.5 | 175ml £7.5 | Bottle £23

Mature raspberries, prune, cinnamon; smooth tannins

Primitivo Rosé
125ml £6 | 175ml £7 | Bottle £19

Dry, floral, raspberries and strawberries; very refreshing

125ml £6 | 175ml £7 | Bottle £19

Zesty lemons, grapefruit, tropical, honey; medium body.

Tasting Flights

A tasting flight includes a sample of each of the indicated three wines, chosen by our winemaker.

Fiano, Primitivo Rosé, Negroamaro


Bacchus, Pinot Noir Rosé, The Reserve

The Whites

Regatta, Madeleine, Bacchus

The Reds

The Reserve, Cricket Grove, Pinot Noir


Bacchus Brut, Heritage Brut, Rosé Superior


Stanlake Brut, King's Fumé, Pinot Noir

Due to seasonality, some wines in the flights might not be available, and a replacement will be offered. 

Other Drinks

Local Craft Beer

Phantom Brew – Dog Person

Pale Ale 4.4%

Phantom Brew – M is for Motueka

Pale 5.3%

Double-Barrelled – Ding

Keller Lager 4.9%

Double-Barrelled – Parka

Pale Ale 4.5%

Elusive – Morrisman Mocha Edition

Double Chocolate Dry Stout 5%

Elusive – Count me in

Pale Ale 4.2%

Elusive – Oregon Trail

West Coast IPA 5.8%

Two Flints – Santiago

Hazy Pale Ale 3.8%

Two Flints – Alma

Hazy Pale Ale 4.8%

Local Cider

Tutts Clump – Dark Fruit

Medium Sweet 4%

Tutts Clump – Berkshire Diamond

Medium Dry 4.5%

Tutts Clump – Special Reserve

Dry 6%


Made with Griffith's Bros spirits from Amersham.
Gin & Tonic
Single Shot £7.5 | Double £10

Gin, Fever-Tree tonic, orange garnish

Dark ‘n Stormy
Single Shot £7.5 | Double £10

Cask Aged Rum, Ginger Beer & Chilli, lime garnish

Vodka Orange
Single Shot £7.5 | Double £10

Vodka, orange juice, orange garnish

Irish Coffee Cre*m

Double-shot of plant-based cream liqueur with espresso coffee. Decaf available

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Soft Drinks & Juices

Renegade Brewery – Solo

Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Sparkling Pressés (330ml)

Plum & Cherry; Elderflower; Ginger Beer & Chilli; Cloudy Lemonade

Folkington’s Fruit Juice (250ml)

Cloudy Pear; Orange

Cawston Press – Juice for kids cartons (200ml)

Apple & Mango; Apple & Summer Berries

Bottled Mineral Water
250ml £1.29; 750ml £2.49

Still or sparkling

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Made with Everleaf, UK's most complex non-alcoholic aperitifs.
Marine Spritz

Marine spritz with Fever-Tree tonic, lime garnish

Forest Spritz

Forest spritz with Fever-Tree tonic, orange garnish

Mountain Spritz

Mountain spritz with Fever-Tree clementine tonic, orange garnish

Hot Drinks

Decaf alternative available for all drinks. Non-diary milk available for espresso, black coffee and tea only.
Double Espresso
Black Coffee
Flat White
Caffè Mocha
Hot Chocolate

English Breakfast; Earl Grey; Lemon & Ginger; Green Tea. Ask for seasonal flavours.

Stanlake Park Cream Tea

Includes a pot of tea, one homemade scone, a portion of Roddas clotted cream and strawberry jam (V)
Brew only
Brew & Bubbles

Includes a glass of Heritage Brut Sparkling Wine

Additional scones, jam or clotted cream portions are available at £1 each. Sold only in conjunction with a Cream Tea.

Our scones contain gluten and diary, but we have delicious vegan and/or gluten-free slices, ask the team! 

Food & Snacks Menu

Stanlake Park is an independent business run by a small team, therefore there might be a wait in serving your food, especially during busy periods. We thank you for your patience.

Please let us know any dietary requests or allergies upon placing your order. Due to potential for cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee any allergen-free dishes.

V– vegetarian – Vg-vegan – GF– gluten free – N-contains nuts – M-contains mustard seeds – S-contains sesame 

Nibbles & Snacks

Bread Basket

A basket of locally baked sourdough bread with butter (V) or plant-based spread (Vg); GF alternative available.

Lemon and Basil Olives

A ramekin with lemon and basil green olives (Vg, GF)

Trio of Snacks

Three ramekins with lemon and basil olives, nuts and savoury biscuits (Vg, N; GF option)

Trio of Pickles

Three ramekins with lemon and basil olives, pickled mini onions and sweet cornichons (Vg, GF)

Dipping Board

A selection of houmous, red pepper houmous, smoky aubergine dip, olives, tomatoes and sourdough (Vg, S; GF option)

Picnic Pack for 2

A selection of cheese, chutney, houmous, crackers, olives, tomatoes and grapes (V, N, S). Vg and GF options. Items come in a box with disposable cutlery and plates.

Our Deli Boards

All our boards come with crackers; gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options available.

Cheese & Charcuterie Board
To Share £22; For one £12

A selection of British cheese, cold meats, chutney, grapes, tomatoes and crackers (M)

Cheese Board for One

A selection of British cheese, chutney, grapes and crackers (M)

Charcuterie Board for One

A selection of cold meats, fresh grapes and crackers (M)

Vegan Board for One

Plant-based cheese and ham, chutney, grapes and crackers (Vg, M)

Sweet Treats

Trio of Sweets

Three mini-portions of chocolate brownie, caramel shortbread, and honeycomb crunch (V, N; Vegan & GF options). Flavours subject to change due to seasonality.

-> Add any hot drink to your Trio of Sweets for an extra £2 <-

You can also choose anything from our shelves or fridge and enjoy at your table.  Please note: the kitchen closes at 7 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

We accept card payments only, and we are unable to split bills. Apologies for the inconvenience. We don’t charge any service fee, the team welcomes tips!