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The Italian Collection

Stanlake Park's Italian Range

Two different terroirs, one single winemaker

Stanlake Park’s exclusive Italian Collection is made by our winemaker, Nico Centonze, using grapes grown at his family vineyard in Puglia, Southern Italy. The grapes are then processed at his best friend’s winery, also in Puglia, and crafted into beautiful wines for you to enjoy exclusively in Berkshire.

Our Italian range features a white wine made from Fiano, a rosé made with Primitivo, and a red from Negroamaro. We will also be adding a delicious Italian sparkling wine to the collection very soon. Through these wines you can enjoy the deep, full flavours of sunblessed Salento, located at the southern-end of Italy’s heel in Puglia.

The Story

In 2019 when Nico and Natalia took over the management of Stanlake Park, they also started to work on a separate project which involved Stanlake Park and two families back in Italy. 

As fifth generation viticulturists in Salento, the southern area of Puglia, Nico’s family owns six hectares of vineyard land that has always been taken care of by Enzo, Nico’s father. Historically, his grapes were sold to the local co-op, who then blended the grapes with those of other growers in the area and wine was made under their own label. 

For many years, Nico and Natalia’s plan has always been to make their own wine from those great quality vineyards, tended to by Enzo. However, the economic situation in Puglia has never allowed them to settle and build their own winery, so the dream of making wine from their vineyard had to be replaced with working for other wine producers in different parts of the world. But this is about to change.

Using Nico’s extensive knowledge of winemaking and viticulture, the grapes are now being grown specifically to produce Stanlake Park’s own range of Italian wines. Enzo is still taking care of the vineyard, under Nico’s direction and advice, to produce grapes that will make flavoursome and unique wines.

Wines from Puglia
Nico Centonze (left) and Nico Leo (right) at the Cantine Paololeo in Puglia.
Puglia wines
Nico and his Dad, Enzo, checking the quality of their Negroamaro grapes in Puglia.

Due to current restrictions, grapes grown outside Great Britain cannot be processed or bottled in the UK. As a consequence, Stanlake Park has established a partnership with one of the most well-regarded winemakers in Puglia, the Cantine Paololeo.

This top, family-run company is led by winemaker Nicola (Nico) Leo, who happens to be Nico’s best friend and best man. They grew up in the same town and studied winemaking together at university, so it has always been these two old friends’ big dream to produce wine together. 

Processing Enzo’s grapes at Nico Leo’s winery, under Nico’s winemaking advice and direction, the Stanlake Park Italian Collection was born. 

A genuine Italian family tale, based on the effort and long-standing friendship of two families. Brought directly and exclusively to Stanlake Park to give our visitors the opportunity to enjoy two completely different ways of making wine, but by the same hand.
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A single winemaker showcases the expression of grapes grown in two very different terroirs: hot and dry Puglia, cold and wet Berkshire. A signature winemaking style, applied to opposite scenarios, to create wines that emanate a love of viticulture, and a passion for crafting the finest wines.
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The Italian Collection

Sunblessed, flavoursome wines made in Puglia

Discover Stanlake Park's Italian Collection, grown and made in Puglia under the direction of our winemaker, and enjoyed exclusively in Berkshire. Purchase online and from our Wine Shop, or enjoy by the glass in our Wine Bar.
Join us for a trip to Puglia and get behind the scenes of Stanlake Park’s Italian Collection.

Wine trips to Puglia

Get behind the scenes of our Italian Collection

Our first, unique Wine Trips to Puglia are being held in spring 2024. Groups are only 16 people. Following dates are:

  • GROUP 1: check-in Thursday 23, check-out Sunday 26 May ‘24  – SOLD OUT
  • GROUP 2: check-in Tuesday 28, check-out Friday 31 May ‘24 – only 2 places available!

Price: €1,380 pp – includes three nights accommodation with breakfast in Lecce, all lunches and dinners with wine, two Wine Tours, one City & Food tour, visit to a private castle, a pasta-making workshop, drinks evening, olive oil tasting, all transfers, travel insurance and having our winemaker and Puglia born Nico and director Natalia as your personal guides – don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

Click on the picture below to download the Trip Overview or follow the button above for more information.