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Tasting spring 2020 new releases

Four new wines were released in May 2020 – below Gus’ tasting notes

2020 has certainly been a year of big change; good and bad…the revolution and evolution. It is this evolution that we have seen here at Stanlake Park; through all the uncertainty in current economic climate…Nico & Natalia have been making their mark, and the change hasn’t gone unnoticed. The vision for Stanlake Park is to show to the UK (and the world) that England is not just about outstanding English Sparkling wines, but that top-quality still wines are capable here too!

Nico has been able to produce wines of his own making and focusing on producing wines that carry his philosophy, of giving customers a wine where its quality shines through, and flavours are everlasting.

Natalia has complemented this by redesigning the labels on their new wines; a unique flower given to each wine produced, not only entices customers by its beauty, but as many have started doing so already…buying wines to complete the set.

Stanlake new wine releases: the tasting

The biggest arrival has been the return of the award-winning King’s Fumé; the blending of Ortega & Chardonnay, and oak-ageing make this wine comparable to the French White Burgundy….but better in my humble opinion. The flavours of melon, white peach, vanilla and cream and incredibly long finish are only further bettered by the balance given.

My favourite is the 2019 Pinot Noir Rosé; the delicate wine with its beautiful, delectable flavours. On the nose you find strawberries, red currants and bubble-gum. On the palate; there are the same red fruit tones but a great complexity, all which give you a refreshing smack in the mouth saying, “Hello!!” A small hint of floral roses in the background, with a great balance of its red fruit flavours and high acidity, and another long finish…this is why this is my favourite release (and the magnum is such a great treat for a social distancing picnic).

The 2018 Bacchus…the quintessential English grape; it just grows so well over here on England. And a fantastic, comparable, alternative to New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc!! Nico has finally been able to make his mark on Bacchus this year, with aromas of crisp apple and gooseberry immediately noticeable; a note of floral elderflower just sits there in the background. On the palate, its clean, dry, crisp flavours of apple are there; the elderflower now more prominent, and a hint of pear. This is such a lovely drink with asparagus and/or light white fish and scallops.

The King’s Fumé (left) and The Reserve (right) are two of the oldest and most popular wines made by Stanlake Park

The last new release is The Reserve; used with the German, Dornfelder varietal. Most comparable to Beaujolais in aroma and lightness in body; you immediately get hit with prominent dark cherries, and blackberries just sit there adding the lightest of touches. The flavours last for ages…a great sign of a quality wine! This would be perfect for roast lamb, and barbequed red meats, mushrooms and grilled veg.

The future is looking bright for Stanlake Park…I can’t wait to go back.

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