Sparkling Wine Stopper

Sparkling Wine Stopper


Do not let your English sparkling wine lose its bubble, keep it tasting fresh and looking luxurious with this elegant metal wine stopper.

Our exclusive Stanlake Park champagne stopper is used by wine lovers around the world and keeps your fizz fresh and bubbly for up to three times longer than a conventional wine stopper.

The versatile hinged design stays secure on any sparkling bottle and creates an airtight seal to preserve fresh-popped liveliness and vibrant flavours.

If you don’t finish the bottle, our Stanlake Park stopper will keep your wine fizzy for even a week, and each time you pop the stopper it’ll be like you’re opening a new bottle of fizz over and over again!

Made of deluxe, durable stainless steel with a gorgeous polished finish, this sparkling wine stopper is an elegant and modern addition to any wine-ware collection.


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