Intense aromas of wild flowers, orange zest, cantaloupe melon and ripe peach, with an exceptional texture perfectly balanced by a crisp body and a long finish. Made with the skin contact technique. 

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Pinot Gris, Marsanne, Semillon

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Scallops, oysters, sheep’s milk cheese and spicy foods such as Indian or Asian Cuisines.

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This wine was made with mature Siegerrebe grapes, with one week of skin contact, and was fermented in oak barrels. By soaking with the skins, the grape juice acquires extra fruit and tropical aromas, an oily, mouth-filling texture and a very persistent finish.

The wine is not ‘orange’ in colour, and absolutely not made adding oranges or orange juice – the word refers to a very ancient winemaking technique, known as skin contact for white wines. When white grape juice is kept in contact with grape skins, and particularly when carried out in an oxidative environment (such as amphorae), the wine might adopt orange tinges.

At Stanlake Park, we’ve chosen to avoid oxidation in order to retain the fresh and delicate fruit aromas, so the colour of our wine is more yellow than orange, but it has been produced using this ancient technique.

We prefer low-intervention winemaking, including natural cold stabilisation and a very coarse filtration, in order to retain the wine’s natural structure. As a consequence, a small crystalline deposit can occur in bottle, but this is completely harmless.

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Benedict Butterworth


  • T&CVA Wine Challenge – Silver Medal (2022)

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