FunDisgusting drinks, from mice wine and seagull ferment
Disgusting drinks

Disgusting drinks, from mice wine and seagull ferment

Have You Tried These Disgusting Drinks?

It’s so easy to sit here and tell you about all the wonderful drinks available (see the Stanlake Park Wine List) but what about the drinks at the other end of the spectrum, the most disgusting drinks.

I remember being in Hong Kong and the locals telling me that I had to try Yuenyeung which is a mix of tea and coffee. They were adamant it tasted far better than it sounded but it didn’t. It tasted exactly like tea and coffee mixed together which really does not work. Then again, they did give me jellyfish and chicken feet for lunch so I should have known better.    

In Iceland, I did try the beer from the Stedji Brewery made from whales’ testicles.  Whilst I tasted this with a little trepidation, it tasted just like any other beer and quite pleasant. Just for reference, whales’ testicles weigh around 15 to 18lbs. Some drinks sound worse than they taste.

In Singapore, I drank vodka from a bell jar full of huge fiery chillies and had to sign a disclaimer before being allowed a shot. However, nothing would make me want to drink some of the drinks below:-

Disgusting drinks: mice wine and cow urine soda…

In South China and Korea, they drink baby mice wine. Yes, you did read that correctly and it is exactly as it suggests. Baby mice, no older than 72 hours, are drowned in rice wine and left to ferment for 12 to 14 months. Allegedly, it has many healing properties so if you are worried about having a COVID jab, this one could be for you.

I’ve seen the coffee drink Kopi Luwak on TV a number of times which hails from Indonesia. Civet cats are fed on coffee cherries and after being processed through their digestive system are scooped up and made into coffee.  Before you rush to your cat’s toilet tray, make sure Tabby has only eaten the best ripened coffee cherries. Plantation workers discovered the undigested beans in the faeces of the Civet cat and after brewing them, preferred the taste to the conventional coffee. Obviously Starbucks isn’t for everyone.

As you can imagine, you just can’t grow grapes in the Arctic Circle so what else is available, how about lots of water and seagulls. A local Inuit put a dead seagull in a bottle of water and let it ferment in the sun. I’ve no idea what it tastes like although it’s quite strong.  Whatever you do, don’t try and eat chips next to someone who has been on the seagull wine as you’ll never eat any yourself!

Here is a list of other disgusting drinks which need no explanation:

Panda Dung Tea – China

Cow Urine Soda – India

Placenta 10000 – Japan

Kumis (fermented horse milk) – Mongolia

And finally  . . .

Three Penis Liquor – China

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