FunBreakfast wine? Not as silly as it sounds!
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Breakfast wine? Not as silly as it sounds!

Would you have wine with breakfast? 

Sounds bizarre to think of drinking wine in the morning, but my thought on this topic took me back to when I was a child and when we went on holiday, and watching my parents having a Bucks-Fizz one morning; and even to this day, with a family of my own, on Christmas morning we start the day off with a Bucks Fizz.

The goodness of having fruit juice with the naughtiness of having alcohol at breakfast is quite an enticing allure to avoid. Here is my question to you; just how many of you have been sat in an airport on holiday to catch a 4/5am flight and gone to a pub and had something alcoholic?

I imagine most of us have allowed ourselves that treat…so a glass of breakfast wine is not as ridiculous as it sounds. If continental Europe can teach us one thing; is that wine for them is more to them than a drink. It is not just about pairing with meal times, but also a tool to bring family and friends together and bond over.

Now, a hard-hitting American Cabernet Sauvignon, or a 16% ABV Barossa Shiraz may not be the way you wish to go first thing in the morning; but I would suggest something lighter and refreshing. Below I will try to argue that having wine at breakfast is more common than you think, and suggest some wine options for you to try the next time the opportunity, or need, takes you…

Breakfast wine: start with the fizz!

Firstly; who can beat a good glass of bubbles?! Its light and refreshing nature, light fruit flavours, high acidity and low abv make this a good all-round choice. Going well with any oily or rich foods like fish, or creamy dishes – so scrambled eggs with salmon or eggs benedict.

But more importantly than all of this, and especially if you are catching that 4/5am flight, is it not nice to treat yourself to a well-deserved glass (or bottle!)? – If you come by Stanlake Park, I highly suggest treating yourself to the Stanlake Brut if this is the way you would go.

My other suggestion would be to go with something of a similar nature in a still wine; a German Riesling, a Portuguese Vinho Verde, an Italian Fiano or, a New Zealand or French Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. What these all bring to the table are delicious, fruit driven wines that are fantastically light, and refreshingly acidic that would go well on their own or any light breakfast dishes. – If you come by Stanlake Park, I would highly recommend trying the 2018 Bacchus if you want that amazing tropical, and green fruit driven wine.

Wine with Breakfast? Not so uncommon, and really not that ridiculous…go on, treat yourself! See you at Stanlake Park soon.

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Gus holds a WSET 3 qualification and has three passions in life: Family, Wine and Man Utd...not necessarily in that order!